Brian Muir

Our next guest worked as a Mask and costume designer on numerous hit films like Alien, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones and more. But the fans will probably know him for his legendary work on Star Wars where he sculpted the masks of the Stormtroopers, the Death Star droid and also parts of the protocol droid C-3PO. But his most famous work is of course the making of the even more legendary,larger than life DARTH VADER HELMET! Brian Muir is the original maker of this mask and worked together with George Lucas himself to get it done. He literally shaped a huge part of the universe we all know and love. He’ll be a guest at Comic Con Antwerp 2017!

Autograph price : € 20

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson aka The Mountain

We can honestly say we have, quite literally, a BIG guest announcement! Our next guest has an iconic role in HBO’s fantastic Game Of Thrones series and is a world renowned professional strongman and actor. We are of course talking about Hafthor Julius Bjornsson better know as Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane. Don’t be afraid, he’s not like in the series : Thor loves to meet and chat with his fans! He’ll be a guest at Comic Con Antwerp 2017.

Autograph price : € 25
Autograph+ Photoshoot price : € 50

Michael Winslow

Our next guest is a master at vocal gymnastics, he’s “The Man of 1000 Sound Effects” and we all know him from iconic movies. We’re of course talking about MICHAEL WINSLOW(USA), best known for his role of Sergeant Larvelle “Motor Mouth” Jones in the Police Academy movies and TV shows. Michael also had a role in the classic Mel Brooks movie Space Balls and in the eighties classic Gremlins he provided the voice of Stripe, the evil Gremlin leader with the mohawk. You can also hear him in Robot Chicken, Family Guy and on some rides of Disneyworld and Universal Studios. Michael’s talent ranges from crazy sound effects like the sound of Jimi Hendrix’ guitar, the roar of a jet plane,… to stand-up comedy. He will be present on both days at Comic Con Antwerp. Expect crazy sounds, beatboxing, Q&A’s, stand up comedy, photoshoots, autograph sessions, … !

Autograph price : € 25
Autograph+ Photoshoot price : € 40

Ian Whyte (UK)

Ian is best known for his role in Game Of Thrones where he portrays the Free Folk Giant Wun Wun, who gave his life to protect John Snow and led him to victory in the Battle of Winterfell. He is also known to play the engineer in Ridley Scott’s: Prometheus and the role of The Predator in the movies Alien vs. Predator and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

Autograph price : € 20

Julian Glover

The career of JULIAN GLOVER(UK) spans over decades. The youngest Geeks will know him as Grand Maester Pycelle from all seasons of the legendary hit series Game Of Thrones. The Geek New Schoolers will know him as the voice of the giant spider Aragog from the Harry Potter movies. The Geek Veterans will know him as Walter Donovan from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and the real Geek Old Skoolers will know him as General Veers from Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back. He didn’t choose poorly this time and he’s coming to Comic Con Antwerp!

Ingvild Deila

Imagine being an actor cast as one of the most famous characters in cinema’s biggest franchise, what would you do? It happened to our next guest. When the producers of Rogue One saw her, they immediately thought she was perfect to portray the young version of this iconic figure. We’re of course talking about the beautiful Ingvild Deila(NOR) aka Princess Leia in Rogue One! She also played another huge production : Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron where she’s in a scene with the legendary Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark / Iron Man!

Autograph price : € 20

James Duval

“Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?” Frank the Bunny replies to Donnie Darko when asked “Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?” We are so hyped to announce our next guest at Comic Con Brussels : It’s James Duval aka Donnie Darko’s Frank the Bunny. It’s the 15th anniversary of Donnie Darko, the instant cult-classic that only gained popularity through the years!

Autograph price : € 20

Gerald Home

Since Star Wars has blown out its 40th candle this year, there is more than enough reason to celebrate the general love for Star Wars (again!). That’s why we’ve invited Gerald Home(UK), who portrayed the Tessek Squidhead and the Mon Calamari Officer Captain Verrack in Star Wars : Return Of The Jedi. Not only has this actor worked on the set of one of the most legendary Sci-Fi movies in the world(Star Wars), you’ll also be surprised that he’s worked on other legendary productions such as Little Shop of Horrors!

Autograph price : € 15

Michael Culver

At Comic Con Antwerp, we love the bad guys! That’s why it’s with great pleasure that we announce our following guest : Michael Culver(UK)! He’s best known for his role of Captain Needa, the captain who was in charge of the Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger in Star Wars : Episode V : The Empire Strikes Back. His career spans over decades and he has had many roles in fantastic movies and series : Maigret, Star Wars, The Return Of Sherlock Holmes, …

Autograph price : € 15

Paul Weston

Paul Weston was a stuntman who worked on Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. He played the Nikto character Vedain in that
movie. He also portrayed Feyn Vann in Rogue One : A Star Wars Story.

Autograph price : € 15

Alan Swaden

Alan Swaden was a Stormtrooper and Hoth Rebel in Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back.

Autograph price : € 15


Mike Grell

Our next guest is one of the best storytellers in Comic book history in our opinion. We’re proud to announce : Mike Grell(USA)! Since his debut as a comic book artist and writer, he created classics such as Shaman’s Tears, Jon Sable, Freelance, …The last two were even adapted for TV in 1987. Not only did he create his own work, he also worked on some of the most legendary and classic comic book franchises such as Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Batman, Iron Man, X-Men Forever and the Eisner-Award nominated Green Arrow : The Longbow Hunters. He recently won the Inkpot Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Comic Art and was voted to Wizard magazine’s Top Ten List of Comics Writers! Wow!

Rodney Ramos

Our next guest has been a professional comic book illustrator for more than a quarter of a century and has worked for all the greats : DC Comics, Marvel, Valiant, Acclaim,… We’re of course talking about Rodney Ramos! He began his career working with the legendary John Romita, as part of Romita’s Raiders. Then he went on to penciling for Marvel with titles such as What-If, Marvel Presents, Thundercats and even Conan and as an inker for Spider-man, Iron Man and many others! He inked over 500 issues of comics from legendary runs such as Green Lantern, X-Men, Iron Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, JSA, the New 52 and of course Transmetropolitan with Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson!

Stephen B. Scott

Stephen B. Scott(USA) is a Comic Book artist who illustrated so many good titles, it’s almost impossible to sum them all up, but here’s quite an impressive selection : Batman, X-Men Forever, Batman Confidential, Marvel Adventures Hulk and many more. Having worked for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image, Dark Horse, IDW and Titan Comics he’s got an impressive track record! Stephen was selected by Christopher Nolan to draw the only adaptation to the Oscar winning film Batman the Dark Knight. To top it all off, that same year, George Lucas approved him to be the artist for Indiana Jones and the Tomb of the Gods. Much of the art from the series was purchased by Mr. Lucas himself and is now part of his permanent collection. Wow, impressive!

Patrick Cornelis(BE)

We’re so honoured to have Patrick Cornelis at Comic Con Antwerp! This talented Belgian(he’s a local!) artist has made a comic that’s unlike any others. It’s a zombie story where he takes on the lead role to defeat the hordes! His work is of course know as “Virus” and the first title was “Primary Infection”. Patrick has been working and will release a second title very soon! He’ll be attending our con with a Zombie booth were you can meet the artist, get a photo taken with real zombies and maybe even get your brains eaten! Have fun!
You can get a promopack for €45 which includes Virus 1, Artbook, Ex-Libris, Poster, … The Virus 1 is € 17,50 and the Artbook for € 30. Commissions are possible, but due to time limitations commissions on Sunday are often difficult. This is why Patrick offers to ask for a commission on:




Kurtis Blow

We’ve got amazing news! Hip-Hop Legend KURTIS BLOW is coming to Comic Con Antwerp!
Kurtis himself is a lover of comic books and even appeared as a main character in the Hip Hop
Family Tree comics, so when he saw there was Comic Con in Antwerp while he was in Europe
he wanted to play there. Of course we all know him from the first ever Hip Hop classic “The Breaks”,
which was also one of the top tracks in the hit game GTA : Vice City. He will play on Saturday and it’s
absolutely free and included in your entry ticket! Come and see this music legend at Comic Con Antwerp!

Autograph price : € 10


Matthew Highton

Lifesize movie props




More to be announced