Hafthor Julius Bjornsson aka The Mountain

We can honestly say we have, quite literally, a BIG guest announcement! Our next guest has an iconic role in HBO’s fantastic Game Of Thrones series and is a world renowned professional strongman and actor. We are of course talking about Hafthor Julius Bjornsson better know as Ser Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane. Don’t be afraid, he’s not like in the series : Thor loves to meet and chat with his fans! He’ll be a guest at Comic Con Antwerp 2017.

Ingvild Deila

Imagine being an actor cast as one of the most famous characters in cinema’s biggest franchise, what would you do? It happened to our next guest. When the producers of Rogue One saw her, they immediately thought she was perfect to portray the young version of this iconic figure. We’re of course talking about the beautiful Ingvild Deila(NOR) aka Princess Leia in Rogue One! She also played another huge production : Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron where she’s in a scene with the legendary Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark / Iron Man!

James Duval

“Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?” Frank the Bunny replies to Donnie Darko when asked “Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?” We are so hyped to announce our next guest at Comic Con Brussels : It’s James Duval aka Donnie Darko’s Frank the Bunny. It’s the 15th anniversary of Donnie Darko, the instant cult-classic that only gained popularity through the years!

Gerald Home

Since Star Wars has blown out its 40th candle this year, there is more than enough reason to celebrate the general love for Star Wars (again!). That’s why we’ve invited Gerald Home(UK), who portrayed the Tessek Squidhead and the Mon Calamari Officer Captain Verrack in Star Wars : Return Of The Jedi. Not only has this actor worked on the set of one of the most legendary Sci-Fi movies in the world(Star Wars), you’ll also be surprised that he’s worked on other legendary productions such as Little Shop of Horrors!

More to be announced